We know the purists are gonna fight us on this one. While 75% of our team wasn’t born in Los Angeles, we became adults here. It’s where we found community, love, and our livelihoods. And it’s also where every step of Heart/(On)’s production process takes place.


Los Angeles has some of the best craftspeople in the apparel industry, but that’s not the only reason we exclusively manufacture here. We take responsibility for the ethical standards of our production process, and we only work with partners whose facilities we can visit frequently and unexpectedly. That allows us to ensure safe working environments, living wages, and quality processes. 


We spent collective decades honing skills that helped the soulless corporations we worked for to maximize profits. When we started Heart/(On), our first priority was to build an organization that helps movements maximize their positive impact.


Like everyone, we are imperfect people. So we built Heart/(On) with incentive structures that limit our worst impulses. Donating 50% of profits ties our financial success to the success of the causes and organizations that our customers care about. Our guidelines for selecting causes and organizations to support make sure those dollars are used to positively impact lives.


We’re idealists, but we’re not delusional. We operate in the world that exists. Because of the incentive structure we created, Heart/(On) focuses on more than profits when making business decisions. At the Heart of those values is our most sacred belief: we believe in people. The talented people that craft our apparel. The engaged and impactful people who buy that apparel. The selfless people who take 50% of the profits from the sale of that apparel and use it to make their corner of the world safer, fairer, and healthier for those living in it. That’s just as critical to the heart on our sleeves as the dye and the cotton.